The Connector

We have a better name for this service: THE CONNECTOR!

Exceptional Service for Celebrities, Sports Personalities, Corporate VIP, & the Philanthropist & Everyone else 🙂

The Connector: GRP is the perfect alternative to Connecting businesses with celebrities, VIP events, and so much more.

The Connector:  GRP  is also an attractive option to production companies who require an on-call service to assist with their productions, we help spice it up.  GRP handles just about anything you require or would like to do:

  • Private jet bookings, travel arrangements, luxury accommodation bookings
  • Tickets to Red Carpet Premiers
  • Hunting and fishing excursions throughout the USA, Scotland & other parts of Europe
  • Private Safari Trips
  • Back Stage Passes to concerts, theaters and more
  • Tickets to Super Bowl, the Playboy Mansion, Olympics, World Games and More
  • Golf experiences with the best, on the best courses worldwide, & at the best tournaments
  • Arrange limousine and other transportation services
  • Private security arrangements
  • Event planning through our event planning division


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Events GALORE ~ Anything is Possible! We have proven that, we have designed, created and managed events, see the list below…

Sponsorship Acquitions

Negotiating sponsorship is not an easy task.  There are several questions to ask, then the there’s the branding of your event, then there’s……the list just gets longer and longer

For over 20 years now GRP has been negotiating sponsorship deals from televised ESPN events to the local chamber event. Keep in mind, we work for you & what your needs are.

Our services can include:

  • Sponsorship acquisition
  • Proposals & plans development
  • Promotional materials
  • Strategies
  • Budgets
  • Market Plans
  • Prospecting new sponsors
  • Pitching the sponsorships
  • Hospitality
  • Sales Campaign

Sponsors work with the GRP team because:

  • They’ve worked with us in the past
  • They take our phone calls
  • They like to hear about new ideas / events
  • They know they are getting what has been contracted and maybe more, but never less


Be part of events locally and nationally by volunteering your time.


  • Must be friendly, warm, outgoing and knowledgeable about Minnesota
  • Guest service oriented
  • Willing to be flexible and help in all areas
  • Must be at least 18 years old when you apply

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Upcoming Events

  • Beers Cars & Music Fest – Sedona AZ
  • Red Rock Hemp Festival
  • Local events