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 Golf Tournaments

Golf Tournaments

Golf Tournaments

GRP has produced dozens of professional golf tournaments, private corporate golf events and celebrity golf events.

We will design a golf tournament that accomplishes your goals. We’ll chat with you for your vision and budget to help you meet your needs. For example, we can plan a golf tournament that is an excellent opportunity to raise funds for charity or to bring your company closer together or to bring in celebrities, athletes and even professional golfers to your tournament.

We also design the marketing around your tournament, allowing us to publicize your event.

Our services cover concept to completion, anything is possible!  The logistics, the tournament, the players, the marketing and even sponsors (if you like).

Desert Medicine Teachings

The Southwest Region of the United States, carries many medicinal secrets in it’s desert. Grandmother/Medicine Woman, Gigi Rock teaches the wisdom for natural healing and wellness with desert medicine



Public Events

GRP is an experienced producer and consultant in the area of public events – both free of charge to attendees and for which tickets are sold.  From concept to completion, Anything is Possible.  Let your imagination soar!


GRP worked extensively for non-profit organizations.  Producing fund-raising events, secure talent and celebrity support and create exciting new programs to attract and retain important donors. From Broadway events to black tie galas, we help raise money for charities.