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Inner Landscape Work

There is a profound wisdom that lives inside of us and this training will help tap into the insight and perceptions that will carry you to a new understanding of the gifts and beauty you possess. 

What is Inner Landscape Work?  It is a deep Movement/Meditation Method to unlock past lives, unblock and release pain in the heart, and re-pattern the body to give you the capacity to love deeply. This practice, through movement, meditation, sound, WOTE essences, dreaming and journaling, will shift your reality to enable you to move through your life with joy, deep knowing and heart intuition.

This work includes:

The OMM… The Olivera Method of Movement is a movement/dance process that allows the mover to witness herself in the safety of our sacred group.  Beginning with meditation, breath work and movement, we will request that our heart bear witness to the body, as we invite our Soul to move into Divine Alignment with our Being. 

Wisdom of the Earth Essences… are pure conscious plant light.  Applying them in this practice will help us to release and let go.  Working with over 50 essences will take us quickly into the truth of our emotions, and will help us shed old limiting beliefs.  The essences will be our allies as we anoint ourselves throughout the training. 

Developmental Movement… re-patterns the body as we move through the several developmental stages, from rolling, crawling, spinning, walking to dancing.  This movement work allows the body to explore new ways of moving, breaking old patterns and limitations.

Sound Work… includes our voices, gongs and singing bowls, to heighten the vibration of the physical body, creating space for more light to enter.  The more light we allow in, the higher our frequency, enabling us to take in more of the Truth of who we are. 

Intentional Dreaming… is an ancient process of creating and manifesting the desires of the heart though the dream state.  Meditating into the landscape of our hearts, clearing debris that no longer serves us, allows the dream to manifest in our reality. We will have the opportunity to design and construct a new Inner Landscape from deep within our hearts. 

Journaling… will give voice to the process. Creative ideas and feelings will start to express as you offer new awareness and conversations with your heart.